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International Capacity Development Training (ICDT) is a management training organisation which focuses on management training for employees of business organisations, in both the public and private sector. Capacity training and development has become the standard way to develop employees (both management staff and non – management staff) for most organisations.
The principle of capacity training and development is based upon the delivery of training that addresses and offers practical ways of improving efficiency to enhance daily performance in business organisations. ICDT was formed as a result of practical concerns about the lack of capacity training and development, or continuous professional development, raised by business organisations including the public sector.
As organisations strive to increase productivity of their staff, performance management has become the benchmark of all organisations that strive to meet their set corporate objectives. But how to achieve this has become a daunting task, and this has remained one of the most complex issues to address in human resource.
ICDT believes the answer to these concerns lies in the correct development of human resources. In addressing the issue of human resource, two factors must be considered; namely, creativity and productivity. These two, or rather the lack of them, have become the bane of many organisations locally and globally. Therefore the thrust of ICDT’s capacity development programmes is to inspire creativity and to increase productivity in all types of business organisation.

At ICDT, we pride ourselves by employing staff whose experience spans many years. They will equip you to become the visionary manager or leader your career, your organisation, and the world economy demand. Collectively, they have proven dominance in their business expertise to create new knowledge and enduring concepts that shape the practice of management.
Individually, they will give you insights from their own practice-based experience; the result is a team of consultants who will introduce you to numerous perspectives while at the same time challenging your thinking on many levels. We use modern methods in the delivery of our programmes. As a team, we try very hard to set the standards of excellence in everything we do and our training programmes are designed to be highly interactive to match the needs of all our participants.
We believe that making the transition from accomplished functional specialist to successful manager in today’s world economy takes a lot more than strong management skills; it requires a fundamental shift in thinking.
To be highly effective, senior managers, CEOs and managers must understand the essence of the business they manage and be able to lead the business holistically – understanding how key decisions will impact each business function. This transition can take years to complete.
At ICDT, our training programmes are well designed and structured to enhance and smooth participants’ personal and professional transformation. After going through our management training programmes, participants will go back to their various organisations thinking and acting differently, with better business judgement and self-confidence to manage or lead through periods of growth and difficulties therefore sustaining their organisations competitive advantage.

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